Month: September 2021

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TrustPro - 400 million client networth

400 million client-networth value

400 million client-networth value A happy milestone, where my humble consultancy firm has quite a few hundred million client-networth. Thank you for the trust. This networth is based on around 25 clients, and cut-off as of 1-Sep-2021. Since then, we have gotten more clients, including a $4.5 billion-dollar oil and gas company. Cheers Concerns about …

5 reasons to choose TrustPro.

5 reasons to work with TrustPro. Consultancy with results 1. Systematic We evaluate projects with our 3-steps TP process in a systematic and organized manner. Starting with the important, (1) Trusted Listening, we hear your painpoints and issues with great care and ensure that is resolved, with expected benefits. (2) Trusted Querying are based on …

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