Shareholder Agreement Advise and Drafting Service

Shareholder Agreement Advise and Drafting Service

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We provide startup or small business shareholder agreement services to assist startups and small businesses in creating simple yet effective shareholder agreements that meet their specific needs and requirements. Our services are designed to provide comprehensive support throughout the process, ensuring that the resulting agreement reflects the unique dynamics and goals of the business. Here are some key aspects of our shareholder agreement services

1. Tailored Solutions:

We understand that each business has its own characteristics, objectives, and challenges. Our services focus on delivering tailored solutions that address the specific circumstances of the startup or small business. We take the time to understand the clients’ industry, structure, and goals, allowing us to create a shareholder agreement that aligns with their unique situation.

2. Neutral Advisory Role

As a neutral party, we act as advisors between the parties involved in the shareholder agreement. Money-related issues can often be sensitive and lead to conflicts. By providing a neutral perspective, we help reduce friction and facilitate open and constructive discussions among the shareholders. Our goal is to create an environment conducive to collaboration and consensus-building.

3. Legal and Business Considerations:

Our shareholder agreements are a blend of legal technicality and business practicality. They are drafted with meticulous attention to legal requirements while also addressing hidden business issues that may arise, such as share withdrawal or buyback valuation. This approach ensures that the agreement provides comprehensive coverage and protection while being relevant to the business context.

4. Share Allocation Advisory:

We recognize that there is more to shareholder allocation than just financial contributions. Our team has expertise in considering various factors, including industry dynamics and the different types of value stakeholders bring to the business. Based on these considerations, we recommend a fair and equitable allocation of shares that reflects the contributions and roles of each shareholder.

5. Holistic Approach:

Our services cover the entire business journey, from the startup phase to potential exit strategies. By taking a holistic view, we assist clients in considering long-term goals, succession planning, and contingencies. This comprehensive approach ensures that the shareholder agreement is adaptable and aligned with the overall trajectory of the business.

Package Price

We offer a package price of affordable S$1,000, which includes the following:

1. One-Hour Online Sessions:

We provide a one-hour online session to engage in a comprehensive discussion about the your backgrounds, the industry you operate in, your specific business details, and the shareholder agreement. This session allows us to gain a deeper understanding of your needs and preferences. Additionally, we offer expert recommendations based on the information shared.

2. Drafted Shareholder Agreement in PDF Format:

As part of the package, we provide a drafted shareholder agreement in PDF format. This document will reflect the discussions and recommendations made during the online session. It will outline the relevant provisions, rights, obligations, and considerations pertaining to the shareholders involved.

Important notes to consider:

1. Word Document and Formulas:

The final document will be delivered in PDF format, and we do not provide a Word document or any related formulas. This approach ensures that the agreed-upon terms and provisions remain secure and unaltered.

2. Revision Policy:

You are entitled to request one change or revision to the shareholder agreement after the initial draft is provided. This policy allows clients to ensure that the agreement meets your specific requirements and aligns with your expectations. It also helps streamline the process and maintain efficiency.

Why Select Us for Shareholders Agreement?

Contacting us for Shareholders Agreement services is a wise choice because our agreement has garnered positive feedback from business owners and investors. They were astonished by the level of depth and thoughtfulness incorporated into the agreement, addressing various complexities of business dealings. It is described as a hybrid solution that empowers new entrepreneurs to establish successful partnerships by encompassing critical factors often overlooked by those starting out.

In essence, it comes “Highly Recommended” as a comprehensive and valuable tool for businesses seeking clarity, protection, and a solid foundation for their shareholder relationships.

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In engaging our services, clients can expect dedicated support, clear communication, and a focus on their specific needs. We aim to simplify the process and provide peace of mind, allowing entrepreneurs to embark on their business journey with confidence.

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