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About TrustPro

TrustPro is a Singapore-based award-winning consultancy firm that helps our business clients, from varying industries such as food manufacturing, precision engineering, manufacturing, wholesale etc with solving challenging business issues, such as productivity, business directions, automation, digitisation etc.


To be the key driver to deliver high-impacts and long-lasting benefits in projects across multiple stakeholders.


To be the one of the most forward thinking management consultancy firm in Asia


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Mr. Andrew Tan EC is a visionary and accomplished entrepreneur with a colorful and diverse background spanning over 20 years. He has garnered extensive experience working with five multinational corporations (MNCs) and several small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across countries such as Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and more. This exposure has provided him with a deep understanding of various business environments and cultural nuances.

Mr. Andrew’s involvement in a diverse range of projects, spanning from smaller-scale endeavors valued at around $20,000 to massive undertakings reaching up to $1 billion, showcases his exceptional versatility and proficiency in project management. As a key figure in these initiatives, he plays a crucial role in both technical aspects and overall project management, guiding them towards successful outcomes.

Currently, Mr. Tan holds a significant role as a non-executive board director in a large local investment firm, where his strategic insights and business acumen contribute to the firm’s growth and success. His presence on the board showcases his reputation as a trusted leader and influential figure in the investment industry.

Mr. Tan’s expertise extends to raising significant investments through the development of compelling investor teasers and decks. His proven track record in industries ranging from retail to product technology highlights his ability to captivate potential investors and secure millions of dollars in funding for various projects.

As a business strategist, Mr. Tan possesses in-depth knowledge of various frameworks and methodologies. He is well-versed in Business Excellence Framework, Business Model Canvas, Harvard Value Elements, SWOT analysis, SOAR analysis, PESTLE analysis, Job-To-Be-Done (JTBD) Framework, Blue Ocean Strategy, Design-Thinking Analysis, Ten Types of Innovation Framework, and more. This extensive understanding of strategic frameworks enables him to provide comprehensive and innovative solutions to businesses.

Mr. Andrew Tan EC is a lifelong learner dedicated to continuous improvement. He holds numerous accreditations across various fields, including Practicing Management Consultant (PMC), internationally-recognized Project Management Professional (PMP), Business Excellence (BE), CSE Sustainability Consultant, Google Adword Power User, MemoQ Advanced Project Manager, Cloud Business Strategies MasterClass, and more. These accreditations showcase his commitment to staying at the forefront of industry best practices and equipping himself with the necessary skills to deliver exceptional results for his clients.

As the founder of a digital solutions company, Trust Init, Mr. Tan has demonstrated his entrepreneurial prowess by focusing on two highly sought-after systems: Woocommerce, the leading e-commerce platform, and Axelor, a popular European-based ERP system. This strategic focus positions Trust Init as a leader in delivering innovative digital solutions to businesses, enabling them to thrive in the modern marketplace.

With his extensive experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and dedication to continuous improvement, Mr. Andrew Tan EC is an influential and dynamic leader. His visionary approach, coupled with his strategic expertise, drives the success of Trust Init and TrustPro, making him a trusted partner for businesses seeking digital solutions and strategic guidance.


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Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner - IBM
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Six Sigma - Black Belt Certified - Aveta Business
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Project Management Professional
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Practising Management Consultant
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Google Analytics Certified Professional
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Project Management Professional
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Certified Sustainability Consultant - CSC22


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Association of Trade and Commerce - Singapore Entrepreneur 100 Award
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Association of Trade and Commerce - Singapore Entrepreneur 100 Award
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Association of Trade and Commerce - SME 500 Singapore - 2023
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Singapore Business Award - Most Trusted Professional Management Consultancy - Singapore
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Wealth & Finance - Management Consulting Award 2022 - Key Trusted Management Consultant - Asia
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Singapore Top 100 Entrepeneurs - 2022 by Association of Trade and Commerce

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