TRustPRo consultancy services

1. Productivity Improvement, with process study

This comprise of studying the company process flow, touch point analysis and proposing ways to cut down steps, coupled with technology enhancement.

Our practices coupled with human factor study arrived at a practical improvement which is implementable, which setting the correct management expectations. The end results are higher productivity, with better ownership and happier workforce.

2. Business Model Transformation

This comprise of reviewing the company current industry, doing business model innovation and suggesting around 12 strategy fields. We used Blue Ocean, Diffusion of Innovation, Harvard Transformative Test and more in our comprehensive and detailed study. In doing so, the company should be able to develop new business model which is easier to scale, implement and test over a period of time.

3, Grant Consultancy.

We assist clients to obtain grants from the relevant government, with correct interpretations of the company profile and the government objective. We basically cover almost the entire grants landscape and can assist with clear specifics.

As a result, client usually obtain the grants at the proper expectations level, and is able to embark on business expansion.

4. Business Excellence

The Business Excellence (BE) initiative enables you to assess your organisational performance based on the internationally benchmarked BE framework. It provides an external perspective of your business’ strengths and areas for improvement to achieve superior performance.