Factory Process and Setup Service

Factory Process and Setup Service

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Large scale factory requires months and months of planning, from vendor sourcing to process flow tracking, space planning, factory layout review etc.
It is a heavy investment and requires careful execution.

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Why start a Factory Process + Setup Project?

This is suitable for companies where you are looking at

  • Enhance efficiency through with closed-loop process
  • Optimise resource with a simpler and effective workflow
  • Improve production output with high-end automation, like robotics, conveyor etc.

How do we help you?

We provide full suite of services for esteemed clients like yourself which include

  • Full fledged project and grant management from start till end, where you obtained your grant reimbursement, as applicable
  • In-project execution works such as process simulation, factory space optimization and layout planning
  • Vendor sourcing and management, which is key to a successful factory project.

What Makes Us Competent and Unique?

TrustPro have our own unique ERP evaluation framework, that provides a complete overview of implementation before and after the project.

We are also in-project execution consultant that does the work of floorplan planning, space optimisation, process flow tracking etc. All this work to help ensure 100% delivery.

TrustPro ERP+WMS Management Consulting Services

With TrustPro, we help your company find the correct vendors(s) to solve your biggest problem(s) with revised process flow.
After the project ended, you can continue to use our framework, thus ensuring business and project continuity. With support of the Enterprise Development Grant, this type of project is much more affordable than before.

All our consultancy works shall be done locally in Singapore and adhere to the highest standard possible.

Peace of mind in making the next phase of growth together with our Factory Process + Setup Consulting Services

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