Award-winning consultancy firm for Business Strategy, Automation, Grants and more.

TrustPro have helped many SMEs in Singapore to reach the next level of growth.

Regardless of industry, company, and project type, we have engineered the versatile 3-steps TrustPro Approach (TPA)
1. Trusted Listening - We listen to your issues.
2. Trusted Querying - We ask key important questions
3. Professional action - We recommend actions to help you.

Let us solve your business problems, one at a time.

For a free and non-obligatory consultation session


Looking for Singapore government grants to reduce investment? We provide grant advisory with no hidden cost


Find ways for innovative automation that improves worker's productivity, reduce cost of operation and increase revenue? Contact us for a appointment

Digital Transformation

Want to embark on digital transformation project and need a consultant to advise? We can help you with leading framework that diagnoses the issues and align it wth company financial numbers.

A delightful person to work with, one who shows high integrity and professionalism.


Director, Xiaoban and AsiaWide Print Holdings

I know Andrew since 2 years ago. He is selective of clients, but once we get past it, he is not calculative of work and always going the extra mile. Almost anything from productivity, to process flow, to product innovation, investor decks, websites and even branding. Always keen to do more projects with him.


Director, GIComm

I met more than 3 previous consultants, who have disappointed me and almost gave up hope on any "trustworthy" consultant, but Andrew proved me wrong and deliver the results I need to get my 500k project. Highly recommended!


Director, SengHuat BeanCurd

About TrustPro

TrustPro is a Singapore-based award-winnning consultancy firm that helps our business client with business issues, through using the versatile 3-steps TrustPro Approach (TPA)

1. Trusted Listening - We listen to your issues.

2. Trusted Querying - We ask key important questions

3. Professional action - We recommend actions to help you.
Let us solve your business problems, one at a time.

Our consultants are certified Practising Management Consultant (PMC) from PMC Board. And we specializes in Automation (Hardware and Software) and Business Strategy projects.

Looking for reasons to engage us, check out our post on 5 reasons to choose TrustPro


To deliver reliable trustworthy results to happy clients


To be the one of the most forward thinking management consultancy firm in Asia

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Projects Values
Grants Projects
Clients, Partners


Andrew Tan Photo 2019 rs - TrustPro Pte Ltd

Andrew Tan

Chief Consultant

In charge of the project with many years of practical experiences, especially from Oil and Gas Industry

  • Project Management Professional Consultant with more than 15 years’ experience
  • Well-versed with various PM methodologies such as Water-Fall and Lean Project Management
    Practices Design Ergonomics and Human Factor Engineering
  • In projects that are worth between SGD$200,000 to SGD$1 Billion.
    Experience in Heavy Oil & Gas, IT Software, Consultancy, Internet Marketing.
  • Been in positions of project management, construction, planning & control, and commissioning.
  • Engineered the versatile 3-steps TrustPro approach, after doing more than 50 different types of projects
    1. Trusted Listening - We listen to your issues and painpoints
    2. Trusted Querying - We ask key important questions, based on years of experience.
    3. Professional action - We recommend actions to help you in various forms
    Let us solve your business problems, one at a time.

Why is the company called TrustPro?

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We cherish the TRUST that client placed on us, and exhibits integrity on our business dealings.

TrustPro values Professionalism, timely execution and delivering of high quality works.
Our firm co-create great and working solutions with you and vendors.

With such, we can work together and leverage on each others strength to strive for greater goals.

Our Consultants have certifications such as RPA, PMC, PMP, Six Sigma, Business Excellence and more.

Also acquainted with system like SAP, SAGE, Odoo, Axelor, WordPress and more.

We constantly upgrade ourselves, so that we can serve you better.

Founding Team


We will leap onto the next phase of business growth, together.

TrustPro services

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Grants Advisory

Wanting to know more about grants in Singapore?
From EDG, MRA, GCP to specific industry grants, we basically got it all covered

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Process Design & Productivity Improvement

Wanting to improve productivity and trying to find the right solution?
Need to increase operational efficiencies, adopting new technologies, and process re-design?
We help you from planning, doing the proposal writing, answering to agency's queries, co-execution of project to final claim submission.

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Project Management

Finding it tough to manage a large-scale project?
Not familiar with gantt chart or tools like Primavera?
We can help you by advising how to start a project, control the progress, measure it, using the appropriate project methods, so that you complete the project on time, within budget and successfully.

Picture1 - TrustPro Pte Ltd

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers in your value chain. We will explore the project with 1. SIRI based framework 2. Digital Project Selection (DPS) framework 3. Process flow and value mapping End result is a digital capability building with roadmap after project completion.

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Business Strategy Development

Wanting to have fresh business perspective?
TrustPro Framework will help you evaluate the best path and to devise the right strategy​. Start with diagnosis gap analysis, with internal and external factors assessment. Finally, a strategic roadmap and growth strategies to capitalise on opportunities and enhance competitivenes. We will also help to close up some of the gaps, so that you benefit with actual results.

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Merger & Acquisition

Looking to sell your business?
We can help with positoning your company, preparing the investor teaser, investor decks and link to our buyer's network.


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400 million client-networth value

400 million client-networth value A happy milestone, where my humble consultancy firm have quite a few hundred million client-networth. Thank you for the trust. Concerns about TrustPro for Grant Advise? 20 Happy Project Clients from Top Enterprises  

5 reasons to choose TrustPro.

5 reasons to work with TrustPro. Consultancy with results 1. Systematic We evaluate projects with our 3-steps TP process in a systematic and organized manner. Starting with the important, (1) Trusted Listening, we hear your painpoints and issues with great care and ensure that is resolved, with expected benefits. (2) Trusted Querying are based on…

20 Happy Project Clients from Top Enterprises

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Our partners, clients and associates


We believe in Integrity being the cornerstone of any relationship.

Our client’s benefits is our key concerns, and we give non-biased recommendations, so that you can grow the next level.

TrustPro pride ourselves on being practical, experienced and going the extra mile in a systematic, effective way.

We seek Triple Win in our project – The Client, Ourselves and the Projects End Results

Being in the welding industry for years, Andrew have shown me the sky beyond my domain expertise for the Business Model Transformation Project in a simple, concise yet comprehensive manner. Good and dedicated man.


Director, Ted Engineering

One of the top master in Productivity and Process Flow. Looking forward to learning from him.


Director, Palasis Consultancy

Truly one of the top professionals that I have seen, who walk the talk.


Director, Planning and Control Company

Project Lists

Some mention-able projects where our key consultants are involved in

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Food Manufacturing Project

Scope: Process Flow study, together with vendor to develop would-be status. From manual to almost fully automated food manufacturing plant.

Outcome: Achieve 60% improvement in productivity, with streamlined processes

0 k

Assisted Trading Portal for VOIP

Scope: Construct the typical flow and the would-be flow, and perform vendor liaision

Outcome: Achieved 80% productivity, and allow for remote monitoring with smart alerts

0 k

Business Model Transformation / Strategies

Business Model Transformation and Strategies for various Industries, from

  • System Integrator
  • Data-Recovery as as a Service
  • Convenience Stores
  • Hearing Aids
  • Welding
0 k

SAP ERP + WMS System

Work: Process Flow study, ERP system optimization and KPI business strategy.

Outcome: Achieve 50% to 70% productivity, with clarity on company business and revenue


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