With years of experiences on the Singapore Grants, Automation, Productivity, TrustPro provides holistic, innovative and practical advises to our client.

Our clients gain peace-of-mind, knowing that we will go the extra mile for them.

99% of our work is done in-house, meaning we have full control on the quality and speed of work.

Place your trust in us, like how our esteemed clients does.

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Looking for Singapore government grants to reduce investment? We provide grant advisory, free of charge.


Find ways for innovative automation that improves worker's productivity, reduce cost of operation and increase revenue? Contact us for a appointment

Business Excellence

Keen to know how your organisational perform against a international standard? We can help you audit and apply for the government award.

About TrustPro

Practising Management Consultant (PMC) Project Management Professional (PMP)

TrustPro is a management consultancy that specializes in giving factual advises to SME clients, with the aim of improving their business revenue. Our consultants specalised in Enterprise Singapore Grants (ESG) grants and are Practising Management Consultant


To deliver reliable trustworthy results to deserving clients


To be Asia's leading consultancy firm

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About TrustPro Consultants

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  • Project Management Professional Consultant with more than 15 years’ experience
  • Well-versed with various PM methodologies such as Water-Fall and Lean Project Management
    Practices Design Ergonomics and Human Factor Engineering
  • In projects that are worth between SGD$200,000 to SGD$1billion.
    Experience in Heavy Oil & Gas, IT Software, Consultancy, Internet Marketing.
  • Been in positions of project management, construction, planning & control, and commissioning.

Why is the company called TrustPro?

We cherish the TRUST that client placed on us, and exhibits integrity on our business dealings.

TrustPro values Professionalism, timely execution and delivering of high quality works.
We co-create great and working solutions with our clients and vendors.

With such, we can work together and leverage on each others strength to strive for greater goals.

Our Consultants have certifications such as PMC, PMP, Six Sigma, Business Excellence.

We value the trusts that client placed on us, and exhibits integrity on our business dealings.


We understand that there a many black sheeps in the industry.
Due to pressure of sales, there shall be many over-promise, under delivered "sales pitches"
TrustPro, under my guidance, wish to differentiate to be trustworthy and professional

TrustPro values professionalism, timely execution and delivering of high quality works.
We co-create great and working solutions with our clients and vendors.

With such, we can work together and leverage on each others strength to strive for greater goals

Founding Team

TrustPro Services


Grants Advisory

From EDG, MRA, GCP to specific industry grants, we basically got it all covered

Process Design & Productivity Improvement

Wanting to improve productivity, we have the expertise and experience to advise. From 12++ years plus of heavy industry experiences

Business Excellence

Thinking of evaluating your company strength, weakness and benchmark it? The ESG framework of Business Excellence can help you and may even get a lion crest on your company.

Overseas Expansion

Looking to expand overseas through distributors or other methods? Our overseas network can lay the path for you.

Business Model Transformation

Wanting to have a new business strategy or business model? TrustPro Framework will help you evaluate the best path and to devise the right strategy

Merger & Acquisition

Looking to valuate and sell your business. We can help with our vast network.

Project Management

Finding it tough to manage a large-scale project? Not familiar with gantt chart or tools like Primavera? We can help you out.


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Our partners, clients and assoicates


We believe in Integrity being the cornerstone of any relationship.

And we give non-biased recommendations, so that the client can obtain the highest benefits of it.

TrustPro pride ourselves on being practical, experienced and going the extra mile in a systematic, effective way.

We seek Triple Win in our project – The Client, Ourselves and the Projects End Results

Some mention-able projects where our key consultants are involved in

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