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5 Key Frameworks 300x300 - TrustPro 5 Key Frameworks

TrustPro 5 Key Frameworks

Over the last 5 years of consulting services, TrustPro continuously improve and learn new paradigms.
As a result of this endeavor, we are pleased to have developed 5 key frameworks.

Difference between business strategy and branding strategy

What is the difference between brand strategy and business strategy TrustPro have done a couple of business strategy project for our clients.In some cases, they asked,” What is the difference between brand strategy and business strategy?” From our experience and based on similiar references, we give the following answers. In summary,Brand strategy and business strategy …

Business Case Study : Lazada – Does the Rebranding help it to grow?

Business Case Study – Lazada Introduction In 2019, Lazada refreshed its brand identity with a new logo sporting a heart logo mark, and a regional campaign themed “Go Where Your Heart Beats”. This marks the eCommerce brand’s first refresh in five years, since the update of its tagline to “effortless shopping” in 2014. Developed by …

TrustPro : Business strategy with branding services

Business strategy with branding services Due to a number of requests, we are launching Business strategy with branding services as a project, which is supported with government grant.  We have partnered with a strong branding agency to bring about this 360 holistic review, which focuses on deeper and long-lasting impact with implementation works. To ensure …

Business Strategy-Secret Lab-7 Areas+ Bonus

Business Strategy Case Study on Secret Lab using TrustPro’s Business Engineering Framework. Comes with a Bonus analysis

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