TrustPro 5 Key Frameworks

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TrustPro 5 Key Frameworks


TrustPro 5 Key Frameworks

Over the last 5 years of consulting services, TrustPro continuously improve and learn new paradigms.

As a result of this endeavor, we are pleased to have developed 5 key frameworks.

These have help us in successfully completing multiple Productivity and Business Strategy projects till date, and is thus battle-proven and fortified.

1. Business Strategy Framework (BEE)

Business Excellence Elements, otherwise known as BEE that is based on ESG’s Business Excellence and Harvard’s Business Value Element.

It comes with multiple supporting framework like

  • SOAR – Replace SWOT analysis, which is outdated
  • Harvard’s Ten Type of Innovation framework
  • Blue Ocean Framework, which is one large strategy in itself.
  • Business Model Canvas

2. Company Digital Transformation Strategy (DTS)

Our Business Strategy Based on EDB’s Smart Industry – (SIRI) list of frameworks.

It comes with supporting framework of Project Prioritization Matrix and we adapted it with implementation guidelines.

3. 3D Print implementation framework

Based on Stratasys’s 3D print guidebook. We adapt a guidebook and convert into a implementation guideline. Stratasys is possibly the world’s best 3D print consulting firm.

We are also adjusting to incorporate Singapore Standards Board list of recommendations for 3D print.

4. Factory implementation framework

We reviewed several whitepapers and developed it, with Six Sigma in mind to arrive at productivity and throughput evaulation.

5. ERP-System implementation framework

Based on years of system-based diagnosis and is our in-house framework.

It captures company current system status and final project results, with future roadmaps.

In-project works includes process flows studies, data review and cleaning, system benchmarking, KPI review, etc.

With the above, we hope to assist each and every client to obtain a successful project with strong impact.

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