Thank you @TheBusinessShowSingapore 2023

SG Biz Show 2023 Trustpro - Thank you @TheBusinessShowSingapore 2023

Thank you @TheBusinessShowSingapore 2023


Thank-you @TheBusinessShowSingapore 2023

It’s a wrap-up. Thanks to the organizer of The Business Show Singapore and for the nice booth location.

courtney hedger t48eHCSCnds unsplash - Thank you @TheBusinessShowSingapore 2023

Special thanks to Nabcore – To build an Authentic World together with every brand and consumer whom we come across. and Guankai (Gk) Ng – Transform Situations who with his special support, we were able to make it to the exhibition.

Collected more than 50 namecards and have found partners of various industry which helps us to expand more easily. (So lucky to find a RFID-WMS vendor there)

Thankful for friends and associates who brought their network to my booth too. Really appreciate it.

Our little to-do lists and achievement till date

1. Get Awards – SG Business Award – 2022, Wealth and Finance – 2022, SG Entrepreneurs 100 – 2023, SG SME 500 – 2023,

2. Exhibition – The Business Show Singapore 2023 (Yeah, this event)

3. Lifelong learning – Six Sigma, Google Analytics, (Sustainability, AI)

5. Write a Book

6. Open up overseas offices

7. Being a mentor

8. Be a inspirational speaker


Life’s great with goals and like-minded associates, where friendship before business.

35 Top Enterprise Clients + 500 Mil-Networth – 2023 Updated

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