AllaboutFnB – Accelerating and Helping Food Industry

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AllaboutFnB – Accelerating and Helping Food Industry


TrustPro in AllaboutFnB
Accelerating and Helping Food Industry

TrustPro is proudly listed as a member in AllaboutFnB, which is as quoted below:

Singapore F&B Business Network, AllaboutFnB is created for Singapore business owners and the entrepreneur in the food and beverage (F&B) industry. So as our domain name mentioned “all about F&B” everything your food business needs. We are a network of related business providing discounts and promotions to all folks in the F&B line

Looking for grants, project management skills to assist in your Food company to upgrade?

We look forward to help companies in the Food and Beverage Industry to embark on mid to large scale food automation projects, with overseas expansion plans.


TrustPro can assist in many ways, such as

  • Finding the grants for your Food and Beverage company
  • Suggesting relevant technology and innovations
  • Finding the relevant vendors with bidding and quotes
  • Submit the grants applications for your company
  • And many more interesting ways to help your company





Listed Content in AllaboutFnB

Our listing content are

TrustPro is a retail F&B and food manufacturing automation and government grant consultancy, with the aim of improving factory machinery productivity and revenue advisory. The consultants specialized in Enterprise Singapore Grants (ESG), business overseas expansion and productivity improvements – a current Practising Management Consultant. Not to mention their mission to deliver reliable trustworthy results to deserving clients.

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