30 Happy Project Clients from Top Enterprises

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30 Happy Project Clients from Top Enterprises


Happy Project Clients from Top Enterprises

Over the years, we are pleased to be/have worked with these top clients/vendors such as (One of the top : OTP)
This is a list of more than 30 clients and partners, who eventually becomes friends of TrustPro
– OTP coffee manufacturer
– OTP large scale fish import, processing and wholesaler
– OTP high-value beef import, processing and wholesaler
– OTP heritage coffee manufacturer and seller
– OTP large sauce producer for local and oversea
– OTP comprehensive Halal system and wholesaler
– OTP event stage designer and fabrication
– OTP unique theme park design and fabrication
– OTP asia-wide large scale concert special effects and props fabricators
– Two top metal fabricators
– OTP stainless welding and fabricaton
– OTP stainless steel trading house
– OTP 3d printing service agency
– OTP large volume 2D printing service bureau
– OTP asia-wide alumnimium processing distributor
– OTP Robotics for cleaning
– OTP Robotics for custom solution
– OTP gas cylinder inspection
– OTP studio production house with virtual capability
– OTP high-precision and complex mould designer and fabricator
– OTP large parts electroplating
– OTP tourist attraction with Guinness Record
– OTP high volume international VOIP wholesaler
– OTP catering for commercial and home
– OTP island-wide canteen and cafeteria operator
– OTP Europe-partner wastebin (commercial and high end) manufacture and wholesaler
– OTP music training provider
– OTP 3d printer distributor
– Top opensource ERP vendor
– OTP customised IT system vendor
– OTP laser cutting machine vendor
– OTP branding agency
Many top SMEs and enterprises have chosen TrustPro.
We look forward to working with your company as our next project.
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