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We have done more than SGD$2 million worth of projects

Dear Business Owners,
Are you facing any of the the followings

  • Frustrated with business direction ?
  • Panicking at buying some customised equipment or software ?
  • Worried about costs of overseas expansion?

Let us help you out in 2 easy steps.


Step 1. Read the below
Our advisors are Certified Professionals from the agency, and can provide a holistic view for your company.
We have certifications such as PMC, PMP, Six Sigma, Google Analytics and more.

During the initial meeting, we will be asking questions like

  • What is your company growth plan?
  • Are you experiencing painpoints in some sectors?
  • What is your productivity now?
  • And more.

Basically, it is a get-to-know you discussion and to understand your business needs.
From there, we can provide the advises and the related government financial schemes to help you offset the costs.

We will explore issues like

  • How will the project help you?
  • What is the amount of expected grant?
  • What is the chance of success?
  • Ways to improve the project 


Step 2. Contact Us
Just contact us via the form or through email
It’s that simple.

Start planning your 2020 and onwards with us.

Example of Mr Eugene

One example of a Productivity Customised System Project

Mr Eugene is the CEO of multi-million revenue, Voice Infrastructure and VOIP Trading company.

Due to the large trading amount and high volatility, his staffs have to manually manage the data and update the system, before doing value-added work like sales call.

Such manual, non-productive tasks took more than 40% of their time.

As a consultant company, we discuss and find out the following

  • Staffs were un-happy with such repetitive works
  • Productivity is low
  • Management have little to no overview of each deal

From there, we help them on the following

  • Successfully gotten 50% of grant approved for their few hundred thousand project
  • As a consultant involved, assist in testing and finding out system and process improvements, thus making the system much better than initial expected
  • Act as Project Management and Mediator between the staff and developer, which helps to make the project much more smoother
  • Reduce the non-productive time of 40% to a mere 1%~2%
  • Comes with smart notification to give the staff piece of mind
  • Management can see the overall status of all the deals and act fast

Now, the team can start acting on sales almost immediately, without worrying about the trade going bad.

As a result, Mr Eugene and their staffs are much efficient and happier in their workplace.

Will you like to be the next company with such happy results?

Contact us now and email us at

Start planning your 2020 and onwards with us.

Ready to Contact Us?

Contact Us at Anytime of the day

Phone : + 65 9234 9687

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