Concerns about TrustPro for Grant Advise?

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Concerns about TrustPro for Grant Advise?


Looking to contact us for advisory but is not sure?

It is common for this to happen. There is a lot of consultants in the market and all of them differs in all sort of ways.

Grant advice is the most important first step, and a wrong one can lead you to financial loss, time loss, and endless frustration.

Ask yourself:

Why I am here on this page?

Look at this list and ask yourself, is the reason that I am here and

  • Are you keen on looking for advises on how to tap on government grants for your project?
  • Are you looking for grants for your clients, so as to adopt your solutions?
  • Are you confused about the number of grants available?
  • You do not have enough time to do research and want someone more experienced to help you?


What is stopping me from contacting you?

This is perhaps the list of most important reasons that are stopping you from clicking the button?

  • Is the service going to be expensive?
  • Is this company qualified and experienced enough to help you?
  • Is there any hidden costs and will it be balloon out of my budget?
  • Is the guy nice and friendly to discuss with?
  • Will there be any upfront charges?


What TrustPro do

This is the list of reasons to contact us

  • Our service is flexible and negotiable
  • Our consultants are approved consultants, certified by the relevant government agency.
  • We are friendly and patient and look forward to nice and good customers who are similar too.
  • We are transparent in what we do.
  • Our consultants are constantly improving ourselves with new skillset, new knowledge. In every new project, we continuously excel better than before.
  • There is no upfront charges. Grant Advise are free till you are satisfied


However, we do have the following conditions

  • We only work with nice, friendly customers who do not look at cost with microscopic lens. We will deliver more than the money and as professionals, we are being expected to be paid at the same level.
  • Client who intends to apply government grants should be more than 3 years old with a few hundred thousand revenues to ensure success.
  • Still, we are open to discussion with any client who does not meet such requirement for free advices. We enjoy making friends and having more allies.

Relax and contact us.

In case you are keen, you can read our CEO’s blog of his skillset.


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