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Business strategy with branding services

Due to a number of requests, we are launching Business strategy with branding services as a project, which is supported with government grant. 

We have partnered with a strong branding agency to bring about this 360 holistic review, which focuses on deeper and long-lasting impact with implementation works.

To ensure that this is not a mass-factory type of work, where we have to spend sufficient time and effort with each and every client, we are working with a limited number of clients only.

Company criteria

This will be suitable for companies that are
– More than 5 years in operation
– At least 3 mil in revenue
– Need a breakthrough in revenue, branding, strategy

Preferred Criteria

We prefer a client with the following background
– Preferably more than 10 years
– More than 10 mil in revenue
– More than 20 staffs
– Have /Is doing a system project
– Not in the retail or interior design business
– More wholesale trade or engineering company
– Upstream in supply chain


If you are suitable as per above, TrustPro will be happy to discuss with you in your next project.

Email us at win@trustprosg.com