10 Skill Set from MNCs to SME – Part 1

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10 Skill Set from MNCs to SME – Part 1


10 Skill Set from MNCs to SME – Part 1.


It has been 1 year plus a bit since I started TrustPro. Whenever I share about my 10++ years of working in Oil and Gas Industry as a Project Management (PM) Person to my client, the next question will be ”Isn’t it a very big difference”.
I have been thinking about it, and just penning my thoughts here, sharing how did it actually worked out, and the “can-do” helped me throughout the years.

When I finished it, there was like 10 skill set, so I decided to split into 3 parts, posted on alternate days. This shall go into my company’s posting, my linkedin and also into my future book.

So here are the 10 skillsets that I transited from MNCs to SME


Part 1,

1. Project Management Skills in 20k++ to Billion-Dollar Projects

Having been exposed to such wide-ranging project, and have worked with international team, from Chinese, Indonesian, to France, Germans, Italians. These exposed me to different working styles, office confrontational method, cultures, and project management method.
This builds in my high versatility in dealing with different projects and different clients.
This skill set allows me to serve them better by setting the correct expectations, and employing the just-right methods to execute the project.
Tip : Select the PM skills based on project size. Do not overkill, or “gold-plate”


2. 7 Engineering Disciplines + 10 Project Management Domain + 1 Construction

From a single Mechanical Engineering Degree, once you become a Project Manager (PMr), suddenly, you are exposed to 7 other engineering disciplines. These are discplines like process, piping, civil, tankage, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation.
My mentor guided me to become knowledge-hungry and I went through a lot of specifications, such as ASME, API, NFPA, EEMULA, etc.
And the construction guys may also ask you queries, especially if you are stationed in the site office, instead of the home office.
So you can add the 8th disciplines, Construction too, such as welding, overhead lifting, U/G Piping, Installation works etc.
In addition, I have to learn the 7 Project Management Skills as mandated by PMI.
Basically, it is about knowing how to absorb and decide what’s important to memorise and what’s for future reference.
Going to SME, with the same skill set, I obtained certifications like PMC, PMP, Google Adwords User, Six Sigma Black Belt.
And I build TrustPro consultancy framework using Blue Ocean, Job-to-be-Done, Ten Type of Innovation, Harvard Diffusion of Innovation and Blue Ocean Canvas Model (The proper way to use it)
Also managed to build a strategy roadmap that incorporate the 4Ps of Marketing.
Tip : Note taking in digital format is important. Period.


3. 100++ Official correspondence with Client

One role of my earlier days are to write official correspondence to client. Be mindful that this was just my second project and I am only 25, while my clients are very experienced British professionals from BP, 3 of them with total age of more than 150++.
Such correspondence are official, including talking about project delays, status, complaints etc . They can serve as documents for possible court cases, thus it is not to be taken lightly.
Basically went through a crash course and learn their style of writing, and for 2++ years, wrote more than 100 such letters to them and subcontractors.
This skill set is about the art of crafting correspondence which criticizes, state your ground and yet ended with a good tone. It is not about offending people, but rather, delivering your key messages.
Basically used the same style in dealing with client and government agency, as required and helped a lot, especially a recent case where an agency officer relented.
Tip: Learning good writing style from British is a lifetime skillset.



If this is of interest to you, stay tuned for the next 2 series.
In addition, should any readers that is keen to do a project and is looking for advisory, especially related to government financial assistance, feel free to contact me.
My skill set will come in handy for most clients.


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